Animations for a short video on how to use medicine safely. The illustrator provided the artwork in separate layers, making it easy to animate the different parts using the puppet tool in AfterEffects. Very effective way of getting an organic and 'cartoony' look! The medicine box was made entirely in AfterEffects.

Illustrations by Jonas Sonne.

Hand-animated video for YouMe Shopping, a Danish initiative that supports charitable organizations.

I helped defining the visual concept, made the drawings myself and animated the camera to achieve the desired result.

Sagania is an app for creating illustrated stories on the iPad. Kids and parents can drag and drop visual elements to create beautiful pages together in a fast and fun way. This video shows the prototype developed from scratch in the course of 54 hours, during Startup Weekend Copenhagen.

Animation and design: Luis Pacheco and Denis Laursen
Team Sagania: Marius Skowka, Ann-Lena Jahnsen, Naureen Nayyar
Artwork by: David Fuhrer, Shizik Naik, Chris Jevons

Animated intro for Vopium, a mobile communications company headquartered in Copenhagen. Vopium is a free piece of software, which you download to your mobile phone. It helps you to save money by redirecting your international calls through the cheapest possible routing.

Studieskolen, the largest language center in Denmark commissioned this video-report in order to show its results to the Copenhagen municipality in a compelling way.

Illustrated and animated this promo video presenting Payzarr, a new mobile-based payment solution.

Produced (in record time) during the Startup Weekend event in Hamburg, May 27 - 29, 2011.

Color-graded this 'blaxploitation' short in order to give it a 70's vintage look and edited the trailer.

In the 1970's, cool criminal The Fro is called in to help crimelord Julius find a snitch in his gang of black drugdealers. But the gang don't trust The Fro because he is white and therefore must be a cop. Will The Fro find the snitch before he himself is killed by the distrusting gang?

Produced by Phenomena Pictures, directed by Philip Th. Pedersen.

Rayuela is the only cafe in Copenhagen dedicated exclusively to Spanish literature and film. 'Rayuela' (hopscotch) is the title of one of Julio Cortázar's most famous books.

Directed and produced by Luis Pacheco, Rolando Diaz and Ivan Molina. Copenhagen, 2011.

Animated this intro video for Podio, the new way to work connected. Podio commissioned this animated intro video to show the product's key advantages.

Everplaces is a mobile app that allows you to capture special places, so you can always come back to them. Conceptualized the product, coded the app + the website, defined a visual identity and produced this video in less than 48 hours, together with a brilliant team at the 2011 Copenhagen Startup Weekend

A short intro for TurntOut Media, a sound design studio based in Montreal and New York.

KayReem is a Danish singer / R&B, soul and hip hop producer. We took some photos for his latest release.
Photo: Luis Pacheco / Rolf Flor
Post-production: Mikkel Hansen / Luis Pacheco

Photos for the online catalog of, a retailer for top brands in Scandinavia.

Hair stylist Jimmi Grethens represented Denmark in this competition organized by Goldwell. We took the photos accompanying his entry.

Stylist: Jimmi Grethens
Photography: Luis Pacheco / Rolf Flor
Post-production: Mikkel Hansen
Model: Sarah Andersen

A salsa version of the 1978 hit by The Police. Worked together with Fabricante in the post-production (VFX, editing, color grading) of this music video for the Colombian band La 33. Directed and filmed by Juan Badel, produced by Fabricante.

In April 2009 I went on a 1-day photo tour to an abandoned soviet hospital near Berlin. Among the participants was a french dancer. He suggested that we improvised a video on the spot.

This is the result of our 30-minute collaboration.

This is a motion graphics piece explaining the idea behind Movellas, a new mobile community for novel writers. Worked side by side with Ed Celis on the concept and animated the whole story on the spot.

Edited, color-graded and spiced up this music video for the danish rock band iGlo, in collaboration with the good fellas at Phenomena Pictures.

Directed by Philip Th. Pedersen
Producer: Mikkel Kristensen
Camera: Thomas Scavenius.

Fighters of all ages sweat it out in this gym in Copenhagen.

A series of portraits of the people that I found living and working in the ruins of the Angkor Wat, in Cambodia; one of the largest religious buildings ever built.